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Our winery is an extention of our passion for quality, flavor and fun.


Taste the crisp clean tartness of cold Wisconsin winters. Feel the burst of life as bees socialize and pollinate the blossoms in the Spring. And savor the rich lush fragrance of apples grown to their perfection.  That’s what we’ve bottled in our fruit wines.  Tasting wine from locally grown fruit is so unique it will make you cheer.   You won't find anything this delicious in your supermarket.

SAMPLING   Sample any 3 wines for free or try 7 in a souvenir wine glass that you keep for $10.  Purchase our wine by the glass, or buy it by the bottle or by the case.

Taste the apple, experience the flavor.  You can almost feel the apple dripping around your mouth.  An apple a day, available year round.

Apple Wines

  • Dry Apple; it's dry and aromatic. Pairs well with fish, pasta, veal, lamb, chicken and salads. Won a bronze at the Wisconsin State Fair Professional Wine Competition. Serve Chilled.
  • Semi Sweet wine is slightly sweet but still clean and fruity which makes this the perfect pairing with an entre (remember to serve white with white food like chicken or fish and red wine with red food like meat or chocolate). Serve chilled.
  • Apple-Pear is a light fruity wine.  This year it's semi dry and crisp and absolutely exquisite.  Goes great with salads and a wide variety of cheeses.  Serve chilled.
  • Sweet Apple wine has a mild sweet flavor full of apple taste.  Serve all by itself or any dessert. Silver medal winner.
  • Apple Cranberry made with sweet apples and tart cranberries. Just perfect for special memories.
  • Candy Apple wine is very sweet and has a definite hint of cinnamon.  It's great chilled or warmed during the winter to sip in front of the fire.   Serve with apple pie, an appetizer or salad. Silver medal winner.
  • So Fine has pure maple syrup that just warms you like a Fall camp fire. Serve it chilled; it'll warm you up as you sip it.
  • Harvest Apple wine is complex with hints of spices with lots of sweetness.  It reminds you of the fullness of a rich harvest and fall flavors.  This wine is best with soups, warm desserts, or other comfort foods. Silver medal winner.
  • Hot Apple wine has a hint of chilli peppers and is our sweetest apple wine.  It goes great with anything spicy like salsa or nachoes.  It only warms you up a little, it doesn't make you sweat, honest.
  • Apple Ice Wine is sweet and very intense apple.  It takes 5 bottles of apple wine to make one bottle of ice wine.  We sell the ice wine in 375 ML bottles.  This is definitely a stand alone after dinner dessert.

Raspberry, Blueberry, & Peach Wine

Our fruit is picked at the peak or ripeness and fermented at our farm in small batches to give you the best of the fruit. You can really taste the difference!

  • RASPBERRY WINE     The raspberries are specially grown for their flavor and color in wines. We've sweetened them but you still have that slight tartness you experience when eating fresh raspberries.  There's nothing else added; it's all just pure raspberries and the amount of raspberries needed for each bottle is amazing but worth all those berries. Won a gold medal.
  • CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY  We took the finished Raspberry Wine and added a dark chocolate to give you this amazing dessert wine.  It starts off with the aromatic chocolate and finishes with the raspberry taste. It won a silver medal at the 2016 International Women's Wine Competition. We're so excited that the world recognizes the uniqueness of this amazing wine.
  • TRUE BLUE, BLUEBERRY WINE   It smells and tastes like fresh blueberries. (this is how I get my antioxidants)  It won a bronze at the International Women's Wine Competition.  Serve it chilled with your favorite foods and best friends.
  • LOVE STRAWBERRY WINE.    SOLD OUT     is a sweet juicy strawberry bursting in your mouth and a hint of chocolate.  Serve chilled.
  • PEACH WINE    This wine is soft and delicate and best all by itself although I serve it with my grilled peach and chicken salad. Any light dessert will also pair well.  It won a silver medal at the International Cold Climate competition. Serve chilled.

Wisconsin Grape Wines

FONDY  is a locally grown white grape wine.  It's dry and perfect year-round.  We've wrapped it in packer gold and green to show our fondness for all things Wisconsin.

FIRST BLUSH is a semi dry wine from red grapes.  It's absolutely light and fruity. Tastes like white zinfandel but better.

FLIRT is our newest red grape wine made from locally grown grapes. It's medium bodied with 80% grapes, 20% raspberry and a splash of grape brandy.

SEXY LEGS Our sweetest red grape wine.  The wine produces beautiful "legs" when swirled in a glass.

UNLIMITED Deep, full bodied red grapes aged with French oak. Smooth finish perfect for summer sipping and steaks.

PASSION deep intense full bodied red grape wine from marquette grapes.  Similar to pint noir this wine pairs well with red meats, bold cheeses and dark chocolate.  This vintage is spectacular.

J'S RESERVE Our very best.  Grapes grown in Wisconsin. It deserves Jay's name on this wine. Dry, bold, deep color and verry smooth. This is for special occasions and the wine we're saving for future celebrations.  Serve this room temperature or hand warmed.  The Marquette grapes were picked last Fall and within 24 hours made into wine. The grapes were delicious and perfect and the result is equally outstanding.

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We are open Tuesday- Saturday from 10am-5pm, Sunday 12-6pm


Closed Monday except by appointments or call ahead for curb site pickup 616-633-5434


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What's New:

  • Social distance on our farm with plenty of room to spread out to enjoy the day and the events
  • Wine Slushy are back for the summer
  • Have your wedding at the Winery
  • Hard apple cider back is a great for summer refresher
  • Raspberry wine and chocolate raspberry wines are back in stock
  • Frozen apple cider available 
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