Other Fun Stuff to Do


Picnic on the lawn or take a picnic basket into our orchard and be surrounded by the fragrence of aples and nature.  We have some outside picnic tables available around the building, on the field near the playscape and a table with 4 chairs in the tree line with a firepit.  You are welcome to take your glass or bottle of wine and sit anywhere within the property.


Apple Toss

Try your skill at throwing the sand bags thru the apple cutouts.  It's not as easy as it looks.  We have relocated the apple platform to the playscape because it was hard for us to retrieve the stray sandbags from the roof of the retail building.


Pick Your Own Apples

U Pick Available In September

If you want to pick your own apples, please see someone in the store who will give you a bag to pick your apples into and tell you which rows are available for picking.  Remember that u-pick depends on the apple variety ripe at the time and stops once we a have frost so that there is no chance of your picking a damaged apple.  Empire apples for U-pick.  This is the same apple McDonald's uses in their fresh slices.  It is a smaller apple but perfect for kids to eat.  Also the trees are very full and dwarf so that picking is enjoyable for kids and adults and you don't need a ladder.  Empires are great for eating, sauce, baking, juicing and dehydrating.  It keeps well in the frig or cool basement for 4 months. The price for u-pick is the same as our store picked apples.

Make memories by selecting your own apples.

Market Hours

Saturdays and Sundays

12-2:30 pm


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(In the town of Armstrong)

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What's New:

  • New playgroung for 2022
  • spider web net for climbing 
  • Bridal and baby showers
  • Have your wedding at the Winery 
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