Our Products are made with love, care and fresh fruit.

Combine 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon honey with hot tea; sip   I’ve read that this balances the alkaline ph in your body and is especially good for arthritis.  You can also add a pinch of cinnamon and lemon juice all of which are incredibly healthy for you.  Apple cider vinegar and lemon balance your ph which keeps it healthy, honey fights inflamation and cinnamon helps repair nerves.  All this is based on articles I've read.


Do not use green, black or white tea before bedtime because they have caffeine and could keep you awake.


Honey should be local to build your immunity to local allergies. 


The darker the skin of the apple, the healthier it is for you.

Apples, apples and apples

Apples are ready.  U pick ready when Empire apples are ready. We do not store apples over the winter because we believe the quality is affected by storage methods and time.


We make traditional apple pie, dutch apple and apple with caramel and nuts.  Also making apple cranberry pie to go with our new apple cranberry wine, apple fritters, and caramel apple oatmeal cookies.  Apple turnovers are only made on Saturdays or if you call to order.


100% pure, fresh pressed unpasteurized cider.  Fresh pressed cider starts NOW  During summer months we use our frozen cider from the previous season to make apple slushies.  From September thru November we offer blended (a combination of apples) and 100% honeycrisp cider.  Cider freezes well.

Caramel Apples

READY.  Fresh and juicy apples picked right before dipping.  They start out a little tart but the caramel balances well with the apple. We use Honeycrisp apples.

Preserves, Salsa, Jams, & Fudge

We have a large selection of preserves, jellies, butters, mustards etc.  Our preserves are all natural with no high fructose or preservative.  Fudge flavors are apple pie,  chocolate and pumpkin.  New this year is a line of sauces called MeSauce which comes in 5 amazing flavors: Sweet Corn, Sweet Chili (spicy), Onion Rings, Garlic & Parsley, Mustard & Honey, and Chimichurri (spicy hot).  We've tried these as a dipping sauce with breads, pretzels, on pizza, hotdogs, burgers, and steaks. We used the sauces instead of mayo in making deviled eggs, coleslaw and on roasted potatoes. If you want ideas on how to use any of our sauces, jams or jellies please ask us for suggestions.



Frozen apple cider slushy, non alcoholic and wine slushies featuring our most popular wine in frozen form.  Perfect for hot summer days to keep you nice and cool.On days that we don't make the apple cider slushies, you can still get a glass of apple cider just not in frozen form.

Giant Bavarian Pretzel


A pound of authentic Bavarian pretzel made with dark beer and served with a cheese sauce and a spicy apple sauce.  Served hot out of the oven.


Local, from our own bee hives!!  Did you know that by eating local honey you help fight your local pollin allergies? This year our bees will be getting most of the honey they made to keep them healthy over the winter.  Therefore, when the honey we bottled is sold out, we're out for the year.

Other Products

Other items includes, water, beer, pop, wine glasses and bags, and anything else that crosses our path that we think you'll love as much as we do.  Our criteria for selection includes must be local and so good that if it doesn't sell we're happy to "eat" our decisions.

Market Hours

Apples ready:






U Pick starts now with the Empire apple; only empire apples for U-PICK




Tuesday through Sunday, 10-6pm

W853 County Road B in Campbellsport, WI 53010

Our mailing address is Campbellsport but we are actually located in the town of Armstrong which is southeast of Eden, northwest of Dundee, west of Plymouth. Check our map

for added directions.

E Mail us at:



What's New:

New Wines

Unlimited Our newest red wine is finally ready. It took longer because the French oak required more aging time.  Bold, deep intense, very dry.

Chocolate Strawberry - Love Similar to our regular strawberry wine with a subtle taste of chocolate and less sweet.

Sexy Legs  is a very sweet red Marquette win.  A definite dessert or solo sipper.

J's Reserve is our new dry red.  This is our best red; smooth, luscious, bold, sublime.  We named this wine because it lives up to being our very best.


New Hard Cider

We crafted 3  hard apple ciders for 2017. The ciders are all natural  with a pure apple taste, one with sirracha and one with a  cinnamon spice (same flavor as last year) all made from our estate grown apples. They come in a 12 ounce or 750 ML bottle.


New Winter Hours

Starting November we will be open   Thursday through Sunday 10-6pm. (Closed January but open February through December) Lots of activities and events planned like winter cooking demos, Pizza and wine Sundays 3-6, book club discussions, dance instructions, and more.  This winter will be busy and FUN!

2  Slushies; 1 wine and 1 non-alcoholic to keep you cool when it's hot; in the Fall and winter we will offer hot wine.

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