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Armstrong Apples is always on the look-out for ways to improve your life, your community or a recipe.  We're also big into green.  If you have any suggestions please let us share it here.  Thank you.


Uses for applesauce

1.Use applesauce instead of oil in a cake mix. It will keep moist longer and is freezable. It is healthier and has fewer calories.

2.Use applesauce with your protein powder drinks for flavor, fiber, and nutrition

3.Make applesauce by peeling & coring apples then place them in a crock pot with 1/2 cup water cook for 4 hours.  To make apple butter just add sugar, cinnamon, pinch of cloves and cook overnight.  To make the apple butter thicker I take the lid off for the last 3 hours of cooking.



How to store apples

According to the Purdue Horticulture Dept. apples are best stored in plastic bags with air holes in a 32 to 40 F refrigerator.  Put them on shelves instead of the crisper drawer to permit proper circulation and humidity. Do not store your apples next to bell peppers because of a chemical reaction.  Because I keep about 20 bushels of apples each year, I just put them in the garage on an inside wall so that they do not freeze and I have wonderful success that way.  Some of our customers tell me they wrap each apple in newspaper and then keep them in the garage or the basement.


An apple in cold storage does delay the ripening process but both the flavor and quality are affected negatively by cold storage.  Some apples are better keepers than others.  If you are going to eat the apples within the week any apple will be fine but if you want to keep an apple thru winter or for several weeks or months, select an apple variety that will give you the quality and flavor down the road.  Honeycrisp is currently 1 of the best keepers on the market. McIntosh is one of the shortest and is best used quickly.  We only pick as many apples as we expect to sell within 3 days so that you always get the freshest apple possible.

Market Hours

Apples ready:






U Pick starts now with the Empire apple; only empire apples for U-PICK




Tuesday through Sunday, 10-6pm

W853 County Road B in Campbellsport, WI 53010

Our mailing address is Campbellsport but we are actually located in the town of Armstrong which is southeast of Eden, northwest of Dundee, west of Plymouth. Check our map

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What's New:

New Wines

Unlimited Our newest red wine is finally ready. It took longer because the French oak required more aging time.  Bold, deep intense, very dry.

Chocolate Strawberry - Love Similar to our regular strawberry wine with a subtle taste of chocolate and less sweet.

Sexy Legs  is a very sweet red Marquette win.  A definite dessert or solo sipper.

J's Reserve is our new dry red.  This is our best red; smooth, luscious, bold, sublime.  We named this wine because it lives up to being our very best.


New Hard Cider

We crafted 3  hard apple ciders for 2017. The ciders are all natural  with a pure apple taste, one with sirracha and one with a  cinnamon spice (same flavor as last year) all made from our estate grown apples. They come in a 12 ounce or 750 ML bottle.


New Winter Hours

Starting November we will be open   Thursday through Sunday 10-6pm. (Closed January but open February through December) Lots of activities and events planned like winter cooking demos, Pizza and wine Sundays 3-6, book club discussions, dance instructions, and more.  This winter will be busy and FUN!

2  Slushies; 1 wine and 1 non-alcoholic to keep you cool when it's hot; in the Fall and winter we will offer hot wine.

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